Here at #pokeyiff, we have a set of rules and guidelines that you are expected to adhere to if you wish to have a problem-free, enriching experience being a part of our great community. By registering an account and/or contributing content to this community, you agree to these terms and conditions of service.

Please be sure to read all of our posting guidelines and our stickies, as well as these guidelines as ignorance is not a valid defense.

0. You -must- be over 18 years of age to participate in this community (added 2013/08/06)

We require an age limit due to law as well as for accountability purposes. If an Operator or Administrator requests that you prove your age by you must comply within 24 hours. If a user refuses to submit verification they will be banned immediately until they are of age or submit valid proof of age.

This is a rule we take very seriously, please respect it.

1. No excessive usage of profanity

While we have no objection to sharing your opinions and debating a topic – in fact, we encourage it – with other members of this community, we do not tolerate any excessive profanity whatsoever.

A minor or infrequent usage of profanity is permitted. If you are found to be using profanity frequently, your posts will be deemed of a flaming nature and you will be dealt with accordingly.

Since the measure of excessive usage is ultimately decided by the Administration on a case by case basis, you will receive ample warning prior to being banned due to the infringement of this clause.

2. No racism, discrimination, threats or personal attacks of any kind are permitted.

This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette. There are times when you may not agree with someone, or you’ve had a bad day and that’s fine, we all have those days. But please, for your own benefit, leave your problems off #pokeyiff. Doing so will ensure that the #pokeyiff Community is a welcoming, friendly one.

3. No spamming is permitted, whatsoever.

Spam is posting any content that is not within the topic of discussion, or does not contribute anything to the forums – off topic OR on topic. The definition of spam used by this community is determined by the Administration and is not open to discussion.

4. No flaming, inciting hatred or instigating flame bait is permitted.

This is a friendly community and as such you are expected to be courteous and follow general posting etiquette.

In general, any parties involved in a flame-fest – whether they be the instigator or the flamer, will be dealt with accordingly. The best way to stay out of trouble, with regards to flame-fests, is to not join in.

5. No selling of products or services. Please.

6. Do not beg (for likes, reputation).

7. Do not ask for a position on staff.

For those of you interested in being a part of our staff, here’s some advice: Since launching we’ve received requests from people to be a part of our staff – be it IRC, community, etc. but what is important to note is that the vast majority of those requests have been accompanied by a lack of initative being shown.

Show some iniative and your work will be noticed, along with your attitude and your passion for the community and the chances of us picking you up to help out will be higher. This should really have gone without saying.

Our policy generally is: if you ask for a position or privileges, you reduce the chances of your getting it. You shouldn’t have to ask; you demonstrate that you fit the bill and things should fall into line.

8. No advertising.

Advertising of any form of monetary service is completely prohibited. This will result in an immediate clean up of your posts and possible banning from the community.

9. Be respectful of Role Play either in the IRC Channel or in the Forums. (added 2013/07/19) and #pokeyiff are meant to encourage roleplay and interaction between characters. If there is a role play in action, don’t attempt to interrupt or otherwise disturb those who are roleplaying. Roleplay should be the center of this channel. Treat others the way you would expect to be treated.

10. Respect the Chain of Command (added 2013/08/06)

Our Operators and Administrators are here to help make everyone’s time enjoyable. That being said, if you feel that someone is treating you unfairly either on the forums or in the IRC, please bring it to the attention of an operator or administrator so we can help rectify the issue.

If you feel an operator or half-op in the IRC channel is not treating someone fairly, bring it to the attention of the administration.

~ = Community Owner

& = Community Administration

@ = IRC Operator

% = Half-op / Forums Moderator

11. Hostile Roleplays are not welcome here. (added 2015/02/15)

Hostile roleplays including weapons, guns, non-sexual death, conflict, or otherwise “battle scenes” are not permitted in the IRC channel or the forums.

12. Multiple Nicks, Flooding and “One Man Shows” (added 2016/04/02)

We encourage users to participate in role play with one another; however, multiple nicks masquerading as other, separate users is discouraged as it can lead to ban evasion, flooding, and “one man shows”. Administrators who find that a user has been using more than one nick to portray being separate characters may ask the user to cease this practice and is up the Administrator’s discussion. This decision is not up for debate.

The concept is simple. You report any posts infringing this Terms of Service, or any of the particular sections in our Rules/Regulations/Guidelines.

Each member is given three chances:

First offense – Warning. Second offense – Revocation of abused privileges/infraction given out. Third offense – Ban of a length determined by the Administration. Note:

While we try to guarantee that every member is given three chances, we reserve the right to make any decision we believe is necessary to address the situation at hand up to and including, but not limited to, banning someone without warning. The #pokeyiff Staff reserve the right to read any messages usually deemed private if the situation calls for it (for example, if the contents is reported) and reserve the right to edit or delete any content provided by anyone on and the adjoining IRC channel.

The above stated are not absolute. They are guidelines for those wanting to ensure that their stay here is a pleasant one.


The views, opinions, or anything thereof discussed on this site and forums are by no means the views, opinions, or anything thereof supported by the #pokeyiff Community Staff or the #pokeyiff IRC staff. While we will try our best to moderate and delete any troublesome content, we may not be held responsible for any content that is posted. The #pokeyiff Community Staff reserves the right to modify these and any other guidelines found throughout the site and forums at any time and without notification and an Administrator’s word is final.

Above all though, have fun!~

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